Create an account in the SSERB Portal and accomplish the SSERB Application Form and Protocol Assessment Form. Wait for the confirmation of the review type and research category.


Pay a non-refundable application fee which is equivalent to the Basic Review Fee of the research category. This will be deducted from the total fee for ethics review. The full amount must be paid before the release of the final assessment results.

Applicants may settle the fee via online bank transfer, or through the PSSC Payment Center. An official receipt will be issued to the applicant. 

PSSC details:

  • PSSC Address: 2nd Floor, Philippine Social Science Center, 372-C Commonwealth Avenue, Brgy. New Era, Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines 1101
  • Acct. name: Philippine Social Science Council Inc.
  • Acct. no: 00151-001679-2 (CA)
  • Bank: UCPB Diliman Branch



Wait for the decision letter which may either contain comments and proposed revisions, or approval. After the approval of a protocol, applicants must submit some post-review requirements, depending on the outcome of their studies  (i.e. Final Report, Amendment, Continuing Review, or Early Study Termination Forms).

Access the SSERB Manual of Policies and Standard Operating Procedures here: SSERB MPSOP 2020.

Check this step-by-step guide or email us at sserb@pssc.org.ph. SSERB Portal Guide for Applicants_June 2021

Basic Review

Basic Review is carried out for protocols that involve an absence of, or low risk to human participants.

Standard turnaround time: 14 working days


Full Review

Full review is conducted when the research concerns sensitive and confidential information and may bring about potential physical, psychological and social harm to its participants. It is required when research exposes human participants to medium and high risk, and when the protocol involves vulnerable sectors, groups or populations.

Standard turnaround time: 21 working days


Standard turnaround time is counted from the day of submission of complete requirements including payment up to the day the first decision letter is released. Decision letters may contain approval or comments to improve the research.

All requirements and forms must be submitted online, with one set of hard copy submitted to the SSERB Research Ethics Officer at the PSSC office. However, submission of physical copies is temporarily suspended due to the pandemic.

No, SSERB only reviews social science research protocols.

Send your username and email to sserb@pssc.org.ph so we can manually send your password.